Global sharing of knowledge, experience and resources.
Assisting in development.
A radiant smile, because you belong.
Education for all children, in countries where this is not obvious.
The effect of proper care and attention.

Dutch Down Support allows children and adults with Down Syndrome and their families worldwide to share in the knowledge, experience and resources that are now common in the Netherlands.

What are we doing?

Connecting people and goals

Many people outside the Netherlands who are active for youth and adults with Down Syndrome have desires and dreams. But they lack a network to achieve them. We connect people and resources.

Fostering acceptance and integration

In many countries, people with Down Syndrome often live an isolated life. Some are even tucked away; these people have no pursuits and have no contact with society. We encourage acceptance and integration.

Exchanging Knowledge

In many countries, parents and caregivers often know little about Down Syndrome. We share knowledge, including health, education and development




You can help us to reach and support even more people with Down Syndrome.

  • You can help by donating learning and development materials and educational toys. 
  • Donations are also welcome! Donate here
  • Want to help as a volunteer? 
  • We are looking for people to help us with fundraising, 
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For who?


Many children with Down Syndrome live tucked away in shame due to their environment or because of ignorance. We find these children and try to help them get out of their isolation. In each location we see what help we can offer.

youth and adults

A workplace and a "private" place to live? This is possible for very few young people and adults with Down Syndrome! Through information sharing and mediation with local authorities we provide awareness and action.


Many parents have little or no information about Down Syndrome and live isolated with their child. Dutch Down Support informs and supports parents. We bring parents into contact with each other to get them out of their isolation and strengthen them.

Teachers and caregivers

We consult with teachers on site and support where necessary. This may be materials, teaching methods, knowledge and guidance. If possible, we enable professional guidance from the environment.